how it works as a freelance photographer

I need an easy way to sell my pix
to the people I photograph.


  1. Click here to create your Freelance Photographer account. There is no cost or obligation.

  2. You can get started taking pictures right away—anywhere there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, like public spaces, parks, etc.

  3. Tell the people in your pix they can see their pix at pixHere.com

  4. Use your account to upload the pix you've taken as soon as you can.

  5. When people come to pixHere and buy your pix, 80% of the proceeds goes to your PayPal account.

It's that easy!

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Want to know more? Read the FAQ below...



  1. Where can I take pictures?
    You can take pictures where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. That is usually outdoors on public property.

    If you ask for and receive permission, you can take pictures on private property or indoors, as well.

    Be respectful, diplomatic and polite at all times!

    If someone asks you not to take their picture, or a picture of their child, respect their request with a smile and move on. You'll have plenty of other great opportunities.

  2. When is the best time to take pictures?
    Whether you take a few pix while walking to work, on your lunch break, on the weekends, just do what works best for your schedule.

    The important thing is to carry your camera wherever you go. You never know when a photo opportunity will pop up—you want to be ready!

    Be consistent, be persistent. The more experience you gain, the more likely it is you'll regularly produce photographs people will want to buy.

  3. How do my customers find their pix?
    • They can search pixHere.com using your Photographer ID.
    • Or you can give them a keyword to search on.

  4. How much can I sell my pictures for?
    You can set the price of each of your pictures to anything from $0 (free!) to $50.00

  5. How and when do I get paid?
    When someone buys the pix you've uploaded to pixHere.com, your PayPal account will be credited with your share (80%) of the proceeds. pixHere sends out these payments on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month depending on when the sale occurred.

  6. Is it really free to get started?
    • There is no fee to create your account.

    • With digital photography, there are no film costs.

    • Do you walk to work? Walk outside for exercise? Ever go anywhere outdoors? —then there is no cost in getting there.

    • You can take pictures with your own camera, even if it's just the one in your phone.
      (After you sell some pictures, you can upgrade to nicer equipment!)

    • After you create your Freelance Photographer account with us, you'll have access to a free template that lets you print basic paper business cards on your home printer.

  7. What's it like to be a pixHere Freelance Photographer?
    We've found that there is a significant social reward component to pixHere that is measured by more than just earnings. It's fun! You meet new people! You get outside (and outside yourself).

    Freelance photographers at pixHere capture great, candid images that wouldn't otherwise exist. Many pixHere Freelance Photographers feel they are paying it forward when they introduce a new customer to pixHere. The gratitude of a subject—seeing that special, candid moment captured for generations to enjoy—builds a special bond between the customer and the photographer and often leads to more business.

    The most successful pixHere Freelance Photographers have nice SLR cameras, know their way around the equipment, and have a real interest in photography. They carry professionally printed business cards with the pixHere logo and their photographer account name. They have skills and they love people!

    The more experience you have, coupled with some decent equipment, the more likely it is that you'll produce daily photographs people will want to buy.

    If you do not have the experience yet, now is a great time to start with pixHere.com. You may be surprised how well you do!

    Good Luck!

  8. Check out our video library for tips and more info.

    Click here to create your Freelance Photographer account.
tips for customers of pixHere

Someone took my picture!
How do I find it?


  1. Go to the pixHere.com home page and click the the red button "LOOK for PIX"

  2. Use the icon to search for your pix.
    Watch our video tips on how to search

  3. Buy any and all pix you want.
    You'll soon receive an email receipt with download link(s).



  1. Why did someone take my picture today?
    PixHere.com is a service that allows Freelance Photographers to upload photos to the pixHere website—where you can view and purchase them.

  2. What if I don't want the picture?
    No problem. Images remain on the site for 90 days and then disappear.

  3. What If I change my mind and want the picture(s) after 90 days?
    Sorry: if not purchased, they are deleted after 90 days.

  4. How much do the pictures cost?
    All pictures on pixHere are priced by the Freelance Photographers who took them. Prices range from free to $50.00.

  5. Are the photographers employed directly by pixHere.com?
    No, they are independent freelance photographers.

  6. Can I take pictures and earn money with my camera, as well?
    Sure!   Sign up on this website and you can get started right away.

    For more information, take a look at the rest of this page to see what it's like being a Freelance Photographer at pixHere.

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