pixHere Privacy Policy

As shown below, pixHere's privacy policy outlines how and when pixHere, Inc. (known throughout this document simply as "pixHere", we, our, us, the pixHere system) collects, shares and uses your information when you use our services; pixHere receives this information when you use pixHere apps and the pixHere website.

Please read the pixHere privacy policy. If you access or use the pixHere apps, website or otherwise interact with pixHere you agree to be bound by pixHere's terms and conditions and by this privacy policy. If you do not agree you may not use any pixHere service. We hope you'll stay though. ☺

pixHere, Inc. does not share any personal financial information with third parties other than for the purposes of payment. We make PayPal available for customers to pay for purchases and we use PayPal to pay freelance photographers. Any personal financial information that you provide to PayPal is not transmitted to pixHere. It resides only at PayPal and you can refer to their privacy policy for additional information.

If and when PayPal requests or requires pixHere to ask for, collect, or store any personally identifiable information, we will try to do so. However, pixHere will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

pixHere also makes other methods of payment available to purchasers via banks, etc. Banks and other financial institutions will often request that pixHere gather and maintain such financial information when customers use their services through pixHere. In a case where a customer or user provides their financial information to pixHere, pixHere will maintain that information at least as long as requested by the vendor(s) associated with the financial method of payment chosen by the customer.

Other pix related information—provided by freelance photographers and customers directly or through the uploading of pix—has not been, but can be, shared with camera manufacturers and other businesses in the future, however, this is generally non-personal metadata.

If you are a freelance photographer, the ID you use as your freelancer name—and any profile photo that you upload—will be visible to customers and visitors to the pixHere website and apps. Your email will not be visible to buyers. Any purchases will be through the pixHere platform.

When you create a pixHere account, either as a freelance photographer or to make a purchase as a customer, we may ask for your name, email address or other information. If you use any of our social media integration tools we may collect your gender, date of birth, postal code or other available information. No information gathered will be sold as personally identifiable information. As of this date pixHere has not sold any information about anyone for any reason and we don't intend to, but attorneys have indicated that the following statement be included: pixHere reserves the right to do so in the future.

So why do we collect the information? Some of our financial partners require us to do so. Also we want to be able to respond to your requests and to contact you about your account, if needed. We may also use your information to send you emails about our services, if you'd like.

We use cookies, like many websites and apps do, to gather information about our users, to improve services, and to make relevant management decisions. In most cases you can turn off cookies, or clear your history, on your device if you wish to. Our service may still function, but you may need to sign in each time you use the apps or website, as well as other differences which may be specific to your devices.

A part of the pixHere service is location-based and if you have enabled your camera and/or smartphone to find your location it can often help to label your uploaded pix with the approximate location. Often, we can also get a general idea of your location based on your IP address. We may use this data in the future to improve service (e.g., to localize offerings) and to make appropriate business decisions. There are many types of identifiers that can be sent from certain devices that you may use. In many cases you can disable geolocation services through following the instructions specific to your individual device if you wish. We do not require that they be activated but you should be aware that the full functionality of the site today, and improvements in the future, may not be fully available without them.

pixHere cooperates with law enforcement, government, and private organizations to comply with applicable state laws. If you notice any activity on pixHere that you feel is inappropriate, please report it to us at: info@pixhere.com.

Keeping our global community ‘family friendly’ is a priority at pixHere. Thank you for helping us do this!

If pixHere merges, is acquired or changes business form in any way, any and all assets including user information (your information) may be deemed an asset and sold or transferred to a new organization.

pixHere endeavors to maintain a secure environment for all information. Most of our data resides at server farms and co-location centers around the world. While every attempt is made to keep everything safe, there is currently no method of transmitting information over the internet that is 100% secure. Therefore, try as we might, we cannot guarantee the total and absolute security of any information.

pixHere values your privacy. If you have suggestions for improvement please let us know: info@pixhere.com.

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