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Seeing people in a picture-perfect candid setting is a common occurrence - but if one of the people step out of the scene to take a photo or a selfie, the moment can be lost. It's the spontaneity, coupled with natural behavior and interpersonal dynamics, that you want to preserve for future generations.

pixHere is about capturing those great images and getting them to the people who care the most about them. Images that would just not exist otherwise. We can't help but smile every time someone adds a photo to their personal collection that they will treasure for years. Yes, it keeps our lights on but it really means a lot to us inside, as well. We get a warm feeling from delighting our customers and providing the opportunity to share what is often a nice surprise.

Rich is pixHere's Chief Photo Officer (CPO) and over time has seen so many great shots of people and scenes that he wanted to photograph and deliver to the people in the pictures. People who did not know each other would need to be connected... But how? Could technology and a friendly attitude do it? Setting up the platform, website, and the patent pending pixHere system took time, effort, energy and a large financial investment, but eventually pixHere was born! —and based on the great response of our customers and Freelancer Photographers, it was worth it!

Ted is pixHere's Chief Technical Photo Officer (CTPO) and he is the ‘wizard of oz’ behind the curtain, making sure that the pixHere website is simple and clean, nice and easy to use. Like Rich and everyone who works at pixHere, Ted uses his awesome photography skills to freelance for pixHere whenever the opportunity arises, but we have to take turns going out into the field—otherwise no one would be in the office! Uh-oh.

The people of pixHere are truly excited to be a catalyst for millions of people to meet for the first time over a pixHere image, bringing the world just a little bit closer, one pix at a time.

Please explore—you can start taking pictures today!

If you were photographed by a pixHere freelance photographer, please review your picture(s) and if you like them, please consider downloading them 😊

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